All photography is of real Haze Homemade Ice Cream!

Home Made Ice Cream

We love what we do, and we know you love it too. Nothing tastes better than homemade ice cream. Freshly made on the premises with quality ingredients, but don't take out word for it, come and try it for yourself. 

allergies  - we got you covered!

We offer over 40+ different flavors in-store, categorized for your benefit and ease. All our labels are colored coded to ensure ease of choice.

Gluten Free (Pink Labels)*

Contains Gluten (Orange Labels)*

Dairy Free (Made with Coconut Milk)

As we make all the ice cream in-house, we plan our batches to ensure we cater for most allergies.

When you visit us, please make our staff aware if anyone has any allergies we need to be aware of and we will advise which Ice Creams are available. Please see disclaimer at bottom of this page.

We don't have Sugar Free, Soft Serve or Low Carb / Keto Ice Cream.

Some of our flavors

Due to the dynamic aspect of Ice Cream, we cannot always guarantee all these flavors will always be available. If you are planning a trip, please call us and we can advise if your favorite flavor is available that day. 

Our flavors: 

Key:  (n) = Contains Nuts     (g) = Contains Gluten

* = Should always be in stock! (although we do occasionally sell out as its popular!) 

** = Not one of our "core" flavors, so we may not always have it in stock at the time of your visit. Its always best to call or message us on Facebook and we can advise if its in stock.

  • Apple Pie* (g)

  • Banana Cream*

  • Blueberry**

  • Brown Sugar Sour Cream*

  • Black Raspberry Chip**

  • Butter Pecan** (n)

  • Cherry Vanilla**

  • Chocolate*

  • Chocolate Chip*

  • Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter* (n)

  • Coconut Cream*

  • Coffee*

  • Cookie Butter**(g)

  • Cookie Dough* (g)

  • Cotton Candy*

  • Death by Chocolate* (g)

  • Keylime Pie** (g)

  • Maple Walnut**

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate**

  • Mint Chip*

  • Mocha Chip*

  • Onyx Dark Chocolate*

  • Oreo* (g)

  • Pistachio**

  • Reese Peanut Butter Cup* (n)

  • Rocky Road** (n)

  • Salted Caramel*

  • Strawberry*

  • Steves Chocolate Ballz**

  • Vanilla*

  • Dairy Free - Banana-Choco**

  • Dairy Free - Chocolate**

  • Dairy Free - Cotton Candy**

  • Dairy Free - Coconut Cream*

  • Dairy Free - Mint Chip*

  • Dairy Free - Oreo** (g)

  • Dairy Free - Onyx** (Dark Chocolate)

  • Dairy Free - Strawberry*

  • Dairy Free - Keylime Pie** (g)

    During our slower season, we only run 4 core flavors of Dairy Free. (Coconut Cream, Mint Chip, Strawberry and Onyx Dark Chocolate)

Alcoholic Infused Ice Cream (over 21+)

ID will be REQUIRED!

  • Rum Raisin (Dark Rum)

  • Luck of the Irish (Baileys)

  • Salty Beach (Whisky)

  • Drunk Piggy (Bourbon)

  • Kahlua Almond (Kahlua) (n)

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that any product is free from any allergen as our restaurant handles foods that contain nuts, milk and other allergens, there is always a risk of cross contamination. Please discuss your allergy concerns with a staff member before ordering your Ice Cream.